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Gewurztraminer 2011


Gewurztraminer 2011

Bottling date :
March 2012
Alcohol :
Residual sugar :
9.0 g/l
Total Acidity :
3.2 g/l H2S04,
pH :
Yield :
80 hl/ha
Optimum drinking period :
Average age of the vines :
33 years
Terroir :
Gravely soil on valley floor, marl limestone
Indice :

Description :

This wine is made from a real mix from different origin, with most of the grapes originating from the Herrenweg vineyard. Just like his predecessor in 2009, the idea was to obtain an elegant style of Gewurztraminer without too much richness. This would have been easier to do in a cooler vintage, so at the beginning of the harvest, we would have almost wished for worse weather in order to give us more time. I believe that we succeeded quite well, and the wine fermented evenly until it reached a nice balance. Probably the fact that the crop was slightly bigger than usual helped us in that direction. Skin ripeness was excellent in 2011, so this style of Gewurztraminer is not impacted by dry tannins, allowing for an earlier bottling.

Tasting Notes :

2/2012: the nose shows classic rose/floral aromatics, without excess though, and it is just starting to develop more interesting spicy/peppery notes. The fact that it spent the whole time on gross lees, helps to reduce the over varietal characteristic of this grape, that can sometime be excessive. The palate is long, elegant, feels dry and like any other wine in this category is already an excellent food wine.

3/2013: nose fully developed now, showing intense floral aromas. Pleasurable wine now with a nice dry structure.