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Pinot Noir Wintzenheim 2009


Pinot Noir Wintzenheim 2009

Bottling date :
September 2010
Alcohol :
Residual sugar :
< 2.0 g/l
Acidite totale :
3.3 g/l H2S04
pH :
Rendement :
25 hl/ha
Optimum de degustation :
Age moyen des vignes :
18 years
Terroir :
Gravelly soil on the valley floor

Description :

OK, it took me years to finally admit that we produce some reds and issue some tasting notes… This little Pinot Noir vineyard is located near the Clos Häuserer in Wintzenheim, but unfortunately not on the same type of soil. We find here some gravely deposits mixed with fine sands, capable to produce some aromatic style Pinots, but without the consistency and structure found on the limestone vineyards. It is highly possible that this is the last year we farm these vines, and typically, we get perhaps the best crop ever after we made the decision to get rid of it! 2009 has all the characteristic of great red wine vintage: good phenolic ripeness, balance, colour, acidity… Vinification is classic: hand harvest in 15kg buckets, partial hand de-stemming, 20 days macerations, 12 months in small barriques (no new ones), bottling from the lees without fining or filtration, so, careful decantation is needed!

Commentaires de degustation :

2/2011: the colour is bright red, slightly cloudy if the wine is shaken. The nose shows lots of red ripe fruits. On the palate, the wine shows nice tannins and structure based on a good acidity. Classic Alsace red which should age correctly.