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Pinot Blanc 2011


Pinot Blanc 2011

Bottling date :
March 2012
Alcohol :
Residual sugar :
< 2.0 g/l
Total Acidity :
3.1 g/l H2S04
pH :
Yield :
80 hl/ha
Optimum drinking period :
Average age of the vines :
36 years
Terroir :
Oligocene calcareous and gravelly soil
Indice :

Description :

Originating from Herrenweg and Rotenberg vineyards, this blend of Auxerrois (70%) and Pinot Blanc (30%) benefits from the combination of calcareous and gravelly soils. The cooler limestone of Rotenberg, mostly planted in Auxerrois, brings structure and acidity, the warmer Herrenweg brings richness and fruit. The 2011 was harvested very healthy. Our goal was to harvest these grapes at an elegant level of ripeness, ensuring that the wine would finish dry. The fermentation was fast and the wine became clear rapidly.

Tasting Notes :

2/2012: we really have no doubt about bottling this wine so early. It developed into an elegant, delicate style, with classic light fruity nose and some yeast/nutty character. The palate is dry, without any aggressiveness, and medium long. This is a very easy wine to use on an everyday basis.

2/2013: much more open, but shows surprising stony/mineral aromas. Feels much more powerful.