Zind 2016

Zind 2016

Dry Wine

Technical presentation

Bottling : February 2018
Acquired alcohol : 12.5 °
Residual sugar : 2.4 g/l
Total acidity : 3.6 g/l H2SO4 (5.6 g/l Tartrique)
pH : 3.15
Yield : 65 hl/ha
Optimum tasting : 2020-2031
Average age of vines : 27 years
Terroir : Clos Windsbuhl
Sweetness index : 1
Soil : Muschelkalk calcareous, South East facing

Description of the wine Zind 2016

In 1989, when we had to decide on the plantation of the south side of the Clos, nearest to the forest, we opted for the Chardonnay grape, with the clear intention to produce a still wine, blending it with Auxerrois grape also located near the Clos. The cooler climate and rocky limestone, rich in magnesium (the Windsbuhl limestone is of the dolomitic type) felt ideal for Chardonnay. We were also looking for higher acidity, in a global warming context, and we met eventually all our expectations. Sadly, the Chardonnay is only allowed for sparkling wines in Alsace, hence the presentation as Vin de Table. 2016 produced a generous crop of beautiful healthy grapes. The wine fermented slowly, as usual, and finished dry.

Zind 2016

Tasting notes

02/2018 : Pale bright yellow colour. The nose is elegant, announcing a mineral packed wine. The influence of the limestone is obvious: light reductive character, almost Riesling like, in need of time and air. Lots of citrus fruit on the palate, nice salivation and zesty ripe acidity, with no aggressiveness. This wine possesses a delicate language, the finish has a medium length with a broad mouthfeel and pure balance. This should be a very easy wine to use, not overwhelming showing all the characteristics of a great vineyard.