Riesling Heimbourg 2012

Riesling Heimbourg 2012

Medium Dry Wine
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Technical presentation

Bottling : February 2014
Acquired alcohol : 14°
Residual sugar : 15.0 g/l
Total acidity : 3.8 g/l H2SO4 / (5.8g/l Tartrique)
pH : 3.2
Yield : 46 hl/ha
Optimum tasting : 2015-2032+
Average age of vines : 18 years
Terroir : Heimbourg
Sweetness index : 2
Soil : Calcaire Oligocène, South/South East facing, Very steep slope

Description of the wine Riesling Heimbourg 2012

Only the Riesling grapes are planted on the small south, south-west part of the Heimbourg, where the slope is the steepest and the soil shallow. This part of the vineyard enjoys a slightly warmer and more precocious climate, hence the choice for Riesling. The consequence is also that some vintages, like 2012, the grapes can be harvested slightly richer, even with some noble rot. The marl/limestone soil is effectively capable to bring the necessary humidity for the botrytis to develop. Due to the high sugar ripeness, it is to be expected that the fermentation stopped with some residual sweetness.

Riesling Heimbourg 2012

Tasting notes

02/2014 : Deep yellow colour. The nose is intense and almost like a complex perfume, keeps developing more and more as the wine breathes. It shows obvious ripeness with fruity aromas (peach, citrus) and could be mistaken for a richer late harvest style on the nose. The light sweetness doesn’t come as a surprise, as it is enhanced by the aromatic intensity, but the acidity firming up the finish, leaving a drier mouth feel, is a real surprise. This Riesling shows an unusual ripeness in 2012.