Pinot Blanc 2012

Pinot Blanc 2012

Dry Wine

Technical presentation

Bottling : February 2013
Acquired alcohol : 13°
Residual sugar : 2.0 g/l
pH : 3.5
Yield : 80 hl/ha
Average age of vines : 37 years
Sweetness index : 1
Soil : Oligocene calcareous & gravely soil

Description of the wine Pinot Blanc 2012

Like any of the previous vintages of Pinot Blanc, this wine is made from a blend of Auxerrois (70%) and Pinot Blanc (30%) originating from the Herrenweg and Rotenberg vineyards. Blending these two grapes is an old tradition in Alsace. The Pinot Blanc, much leaner and later ripening, compensates for the richness of the Auxerrois. Later ripening soils like the red limestone of the Rotenberg also helps to keep more acidity and a firmer structure. The 2012 grapes were amazingly healthy and showed beautiful yellow ripe skins. An early harvest with moderate richness also permitted the yeast to ferment the wine bone dry quite quickly, allowing for an early bottling.

Pinot Blanc 2012

Tasting notes

02/2013 : Still on the lees, but showing a great nutty nose with a sense of white fruits. The whole wine will benefit from some extra ageing and air. The palate is technically very dry, but without any unwanted bitterness or acidity. Nice medium length and smoothness. It is a great everyday food wine.