The Herrenweg of Turckheim

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The Herrenweg of Turckheim is an area situated in the plain nestled between Wintzenheim and Turckheim.

The name Herrenweg was given to the vineyard parcels situated along the Roman path which linked Colmar to the Schlucht mountain pass; one of the mountain passes which made it possible to cross the Vosges.

This homogenous gravelly terroir covers about 60ha and was the origin of the great reputation of wines from Turckheim.

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Due to its location at the end of the Munster valley, this vineyard benefits from maximum sunshine especially in the evenings with the sun setting much later. The climate here is very dry (an average of 525mm/year) and the valley winds often have an important drying effect on both the soil and the vines.

This extremely privileged climate is responsible for the precociousness of the vines and the ability of this particular locality to ripen its grapes very quickly. Located on the alluvial fan of the Fecht River, a large part of the Herrenweg is made up of a clay-silty-sandy gravel-sand substratum on Vosges alluvia, Würm pebbles or loess on Würm alluvia.

The soil drains well and heats up very quickly, leading to a regular and homogeneous maturation of the grapes. As it leaves the river bed on the southern part of the Herrenweg, the Würm alluvia (stones, pebbles, sand…) are progressively covered with greater layers of loess. This section of the Herrenweg is marginally later-ripening and more fertile, producing slightly less aromatic yet richer wines with balanced acidities.

The Herrenweg wines from Domaine Zind Humbrecht

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All varieties are planted on the Herrenweg. They share the same characteristic of being very aromatic, advanced in their development and are always defined by a very ripe acidity and opulent fruit.

The wines from Herrenweg are accessible and generous in their youth and although they are often best enjoyed at this stage can surprise 10 or even 20 years later. The early ripening character of this terroir and its good draining capacity are advantageous in wet and late vintages. However in hot and dry vintages, the vineyards in these terroirs can suffer drought stress.

For this reason only vineyards where the average vine age is greater than 30 years are used for the Herrenweg Vielles Vignes. Lower yields and deeper established root systems combine to yield wines with greater minerality and structure.