Marc de Gewurztraminer 2007

Marc de Gewurztraminer 2007

Technical presentation

Acquired alcohol : 62°
Available for sale : Yes

Description of the wine Marc de Gewurztraminer 2007

The Eaux de Vie and Marc de Gewurztraminer are distilled from the fruits of the Domaine and our own marcs. Production is not regular, because we only distil in good years, when the fruits or grapes are harvested very healthy. The noble rot is indeed interesting for the production of late harvest wines, but alters the aromatic expression of the distillation products. The fruits and marcs are slowly fermented in the cellar in large containers and are usually distilled in December/January, during cold periods.

We use a small 300 liter (Cognac type) pot stills. We only keep the core of the distillation, which explains the high degree of our distillates. The fruit alcohols are stored in glass demijohns in the cellar for a ripening and maturing of the alcohol over time. This process is very slow, so we keep these glass alcohols often for up to 30 years. Marcs from gewurztraminer are either stored in bottles or in small ash barrels for a period of 10 to 5 years. The ash is a white wood, therefore very tender, allowing a maturing of the alcohol without however marking the marc by woody aromas. This allows to preserve the fruity of the distillate during maturation.

Evaporation in this type of barrel is very important, this explains a shorter breeding time. All our alcohols are bottled at the natural degree of distillation, so often above 60%. This is done in the interest of preserving to the maximum the fruity and aromatic complexity, indeed, during the operations of reduction (addition of distilled water to reduce the alcoholic degree between 40% and 48%), a large part of the flavors goes in evaporation. We therefore recommend that our customers do not hesitate to add water at the time of tasting. Adding water will cause some reactions in the glass and increase the aromatic potential of the alcohol.

The goal is to find a balance based on the ability of each individual to support a certain level of alcohol, which should be, after reduction, between 30° and 50°. To do this, prepare a little source water or weakly mineralized water (Evian type), in a small jug and gradually add it to the glass, tasting between each addition, until the power of the alcohol is no longer excessive.

Rare are the people able to drink these Eaux de vie without reduction ! 

Marc de Gewurztraminer 2007