Pinot Gris Rotenberg 2000

Pinot Gris Rotenberg 2000

Medium Sweet WIne
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Technical presentation

Bottling : September 2001
Acquired alcohol : 13.7°
Residual sugar : 17.8 g/l
Total acidity : 2.6 g/l H2SO4 (4.0 g/l Acide Tartrique)
pH : 3.7
Yield : 44 hl/ha
Terroir : Rotenberg
Sweetness index : 3
Soil : Red limestone Oligociene period, Steep slope, West North West facing

Description of the wine Pinot Gris Rotenberg 2000

We decided to harvest the Rotenberg vineyard early, by doing a selection of the healthy clusters, which produced this wine. The other clusters, partly botrytised, were harvested later and produced an SGN. This vineyard, located on a rocky red calcareous soil (north/west slope of the Hengst), is usually a late ripening vineyard, but this wasn’t the case in 2000.

Pinot Gris Rotenberg 2000

Tasting notes

12/2001 : The result of this early healthy selection is a rich but delicate wine, showing the strong nutty/mineral character of this vineyard. The palate is delicate, in comparison to the other 2000s, and shows lots of classic spiciness; The residual sweetness is not overpowering the wine, but gives a feeling of subtle roundness, which makes it a wine for poultry, asian dishes, spicy food…