Pinot Gris Heimbourg 2009

Pinot Gris Heimbourg 2009

Medium Sweet WIne
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Technical presentation

Bottling : September 2009
Acquired alcohol : 13.5°
Residual sugar : 19.0 g/l
Total acidity : 3.9 g/l H2SO4
pH : 3.3
Yield : 31 hl/ha
Average age of vines : 24 years
Terroir : Heimbourg
Sweetness index : 3
Soil : Marl calcareous, West facing

Description of the wine Pinot Gris Heimbourg 2009

The Pinot Gris is planted in the top part of the Heimbourg, which is the poorest and exposed to the west, on very thin and rocky calcareous soils. It is probably the vineyard on our estate that has the highest pH at the roots level: 9.5, which explains why young vines struggle to grow here. The vineyard is still quite young, but does behave like a much more mature one. The Heimbourg is slowly showing its potential as one of the great place of Turckheim. In 2009, the production was quite small and the grapes were harvested very healthy with a nice balance. The fermentation was slow and the wine kept some sweetness.

Pinot Gris Heimbourg 2009

Tasting notes

2/2011: everything is round and delicate in this wine. The aromas are dominated by almonds, light honey touch and some torrefaction (toast) with elegant lees contact flavours. The palate is slightly more closed, soft and almost delicate. The sweetness is surprisingly hidden in the wine. One can more sense the ripeness of the vintage than the actual sweetness. Long clean finish. The slightly higher residual sweetness also covers a nice phenolic ripeness and some tannin.