Pinot Gris Heimbourg 2001

Pinot Gris Heimbourg 2001

Medium Sweet WIne
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Technical presentation

Bottling : September 2003
Acquired alcohol : 13.7°
Residual sugar : 50.0 g/l
Total acidity : 3.9 g/l H2SO4
pH : 3.6
Yield : 22 hl/ha
Average age of vines : 16 years
Terroir : Heimbourg
Sweetness index : 4
Soil : Marl-Oligocene calcareous, West North West facing

Description of the wine Pinot Gris Heimbourg 2001

We chose to plant the pinot-gris on the highest and west facing part of the Heimbourg, because it is the place where the soils are the poorest and most rocky, with little marls. This is certainly also the reason why we have every year such small yields in this vineyard. The less precocious climate (similar to the Rotenberg) is not an handicap. The grapes ripen slower and more regularly with good acidity balance. The 2001 crop is very ripe with little botrytis.

Pinot Gris Heimbourg 2001

Tasting notes

01/2003 : This wine just finished its fermentation at this date and will be bottled only in september 2003. Strongly influenced on the nose with yeast aromas, it still shows lots of fruity flavours (white fruits, peach, bee wax…) and very fine on the palate. The residual sweetness is obvious in the wine, but the finish is balanced and elegant. Very complex wine, certainly easier to describe later in the year.