Riesling Brand Grand Cru 2014

Riesling Grand Cru Brand 2014

Dry Wine
This wine is no longer available in this vintage.
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Technical presentation

Bottling : August 2016
Acquired alcohol : 12,7°
Residual sugar : 9.0 g/l
Total acidity : 5.0 g/l H2SO4
pH : 3.0
Yield : 37 hl/ha
Optimum tasting : 2019-2039+
Average age of vines : 64 years
Terroir : Grand Cru Brand
Sweetness index : 1
Soil : Biotite Granite, South facing, Steep slope

Description of the wine Riesling Grand Cru Brand 2014

The Grand Cru Brand overlooks the village of Turckheim and its steep south, south-east facing enjoy a very solar and warm micro-climate. First grapes flowering can be seen in the Brand. The precocity is not only linked to the climate but also to the granitic soil, capable to capture and transfer the sun energy to the vines. The granite soil of Brand is quite special, because it contains a lot of black mica which produces very interesting types of clay as it decomposes. Of course, this only happens in soils that are alive (not compacted and chemical free). This mechanism is important as the clay will be able to fix and release important minerals to the vines. 2014 is an exceptional vintage for the Brand. This vineyard performs well in balanced vintages, especially when water is not too limited. The growth was regular and consistent and it was easy to harvest the grapes at optimum physiological ripeness without any excessive weight. Very slow fermentation and at the end, the wild yeast delivered a great wine.

Riesling Brand Grand Cru 2014

Tasting notes

6/2016: this wine is still in cask, on gross lees. Bottling will be at the end of August 2016. It is difficult to assess the colour now but I expect a beautiful bright yellow. The nose is expressive and profound, almost too easy to enjoy! I expect it to close down a little after bottling, but it is surely one of the most intense Riesling of the vintage. The wine covers the palate and has definitely a nice weight, however, the fine acidity hides some light residual sweetness and the finish is dry and elegant. This Brand as a great potential and is already so likeable! More comments after bottling…. 9/2016: bright yellow colour. The nose is already expressive for such a young wine. Of course, long lees contact (2 years) and the recent bottling explain a slight austerity. Nevertheless, the granite is well present in this wine: opulent rich nose with white fruit aromas, acacia honey and grinded stones, almost smoky. The same goes for the palate, so characteristic of Brand. The wine coats the palate, is long and reveals great depth and complexity. The acidity is ripe, caresses the palate without being aggressive but is well present and explains a racy dry finish. I would expect a great ageing potential.